The Why: Well supported adults lead to well-supported children

Education begins at home. The adults of the family spend considerable time with children during their early childhood, contributing significantly to their early learning and development. Hence, they are undoubtedly the ‘first bunch of teachers’ and the home is thus ‘The First School’ of the child.

Yet, when children enroll in a formal school setting, the notion of ‘educational expertise’ is often left to schools and teaching staff, rather than being a ‘shared responsibility’. Parents either find little or no time in continuing their good work or end up doubting their efficacy in supporting the child. 

When parents take this back seat in engaging in their child’s education (and instead end up only reacting to the needs and demands of the school), it can have serious implications on the child’s grades, socio-emotional skills, behavior, and attendance, to name a few. There is a lot more to meaningful family engagement than just helping a child in getting through his/her homework!

The What: Insightful perspectives on meaningful family engagement

We will engage with interesting content from the research of top universities, industry experts and perspectives of parents. We will also discuss the notions of ‘meaningful family engagement’ and ‘shared responsibility’ extensively, in refreshingly varied dimensions.

The How: The First School

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I’m Sriram Sampath, a passionate educator with more than 10 years of experience in teaching and learning. I’m pursuing a professional certification from the Harvard Graduate School of Education in Early Education Leadership. I currently work for Skidos Labs, an educational technology company based out of Copenhagen, Denmark.

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